February 2015


In addition to classes that I’m playing for Craig Carnelia and Jen Waldman as well as the coaching I’m doing at CAP 21, I will be playing the following auditions:

February 1: Legally Blonde auditions for Norwegian Cruise Lines through Daryl Eisenberg’s office.

February 9: The Visit auditions through James Calleri’s office. I am only playing the second day of EPAs. The casting notice is here:


February 10: Living on Love through James Calleri’s office.

February 11-13: Kiss Me, Kate auditions for Hartford Stage through Jay Binder’s office.

February 16: Flat Rock Playhouse ECC through Joy Dewing’s office. The casting notice is here:


February 17: Auditions for Showboat with National Asian Artists Project through Michael Cassara’s office.

February 18 & 20: Auditions for the national tour of A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder through Jay Binder’s office.

January 2015


Happy New Year!

I’m starting over this website with a new address and a new look. I’ll update this page, month by month, as work rolls in. Keep checking back to see what’s happening.

In addition to playing class for Craig Carnelia and David Brunetti as well as coaching at CAP 21, I will be playing the following auditions and classes:

January 5: Auditions for The Barter Theater through Paul Russell Casting. We’ll be at Ripley-Grier, and I’ll be playing the dance calls. Mark Baron is playing the singers’ call. Here is the notice from Equity:

January 7: Class for Nani/Saperstein Management.

January 8 - 9: Auditions for LMNOP at TUTS through Jay Binder Casting.

January 9 - 10: Auditions for the Sister Act tour through Jay Binder Casting.

January 14: The Growing Studio with Cesar A. Rocha from Telsey + Co.

January 15 - 16: More Auditions for LMNOP at TUTS through Jay Binder Casting.

January 19 & 21: The Growing Studio with Kaitln Shaw from Tara Rubin Casting and Joy Dewing.

January 23: Auditions for The 12 at Denver Center for the Performing Arts through Michael Cassara’s office.

January 27: Dancer Auditions for the national tour of Mamma Mia! through Joy Dewing’s office.

January 29: EPA for “For the Last Time” through Michael Cassara’s office. The audition notice is here:

January 30 - 31: Auditions for Legally Blonde for Norwegian Cruise Lines cast by Daryl Eisenberg.