July 2015


In addition to my normal classes with Craig Carnelia and David Brunetti, I will be playing the following auditions and classes:

Tuesday, 7 July: Playing class for Broadway Teaching Group

Wednesday, 8 July: Playing auditions for Moonshine through Tara Rubin’s office.

Monday, 13 July: EPAs for Capital Repertory Theatre. The notices are here:


Tuesday, 14 July: Auditions for 5th Floor Theatre Company’s production of Rent through Nikki Grillos. This is a non-union company. The audition notice is here:


Wednesday, 15 July: Dance Rehearsals for The York Theatre Company

Wednesday, 15 July: Scene Study at CAP 21

Friday, 17 July: Audition Tech at CAP 21

Monday, 20 July: More rehearsals for The York Theatre Company.